Product Announcements

MetaDefender for Secure Storage v2.0.2 Release

May 28, 2020 by Nav Gill
Product OverviewMetaDefender for Secure Storage offers a robust layer of protection for securing stored enterprise data from data breaches, downtime, and compliance violations in cloud and on-premises storage and collaboration...

OPSWAT Introduces MetaDefender Drive Community Edition

May 27, 2020
OPSWAT today announced MetaDefender Drive Community Edition, a new USB-based security solution that is the most affordable for any individuals.Just like the first three editions which were purpose-built for enterprise organizations,...

MetaDefender Core v4.18.0 Release

May 27, 2020 by Ngoc Nguyen
Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender Core protects your organization by preventing advanced cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender Core leverages a number of technologies, including Deep Content Disarm and...

New MetaDefender Cloud Scan Result Pages

May 27, 2020 by Petru Isfan
In the past months we have been continuously improving the look and feel of MetaDefender Cloud. As we continue to add more and more features, we realized how important it is to stop and rethink the user experience in a manner that is both...

OESIS Framework May 12, 2020 Release

May 15, 2020 by Alin Besnea
Product OverviewOESIS Framework is a cross-platform endpoint SDK that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products for securing and managing endpoints through detecting, classifying, assessing and managing...

MetaDefender Vault v2.0.4 Release

May 15, 2020 by Alin Ghitulan
Product OverviewMetaDefender Vault is a cross-domain solution that enables the secure transfer of files into and out of critical networks. MetaDefender Vault prevents advanced cyber security threats by leveraging multiple...

Introducing MetaDefender Drive Professional Edition

May 13, 2020 by Linh Ta
OPSWAT is excited to announce today the launch of the new MetaDefender Drive Professional Edition, aiming to bring the enterprise grade security solution to more customers in greater markets. MetaDefender Drive...
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