Agent Tesla Spyware Targeted Business Emails

Critical infrastructure systems compromised through spearphishing emails.

Agent Tesla has been around since 2014 and has continually been updated to adopt new stealth and persistence tactics.

In a recent article on, it was reported attackers are targeting energy companies with the Agent Tesla spyware using spearphishing emails with malicious attachments. Attackers are taking advantage of the concerns around this crisis   by impersonating a well-known Egyptian engineering contractor.

In a recent campaign, which ran from March 31 to April 6, the emails included two attachments that contained an executable file which installed Agent Tesla. The spyware collects sensitive information and different types of credentials and sends them back to the command and control server. OPSWAT can help eliminate threat vectors like Agent Tesla with our recently updated MetaDefender Email Gateway Security (v5.0)

The email security solution is available in four different packages which includes our industry-leading threat prevention technologies - Multiscanning and Content Disarm & Reconstruction - to improve malware detection rates vs relying on a single engine.

 Example of sanitized email via MetaDefender Email Gateway Security. 

You can deploy from 4 to 20 AV engines to significantly increase malware detection rates.

Is your infrastructure also vulnerable by Agent Tesla Spyware? 
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