OPSWAT Academy

A Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Certification Program for Cybersecurity Stakeholders of all Levels

New course added - A New Approach to CIP Cybersecurity Training 

All 16 critical infrastructure sectors are increasingly at high-risk of cyberattack, yet tens of thousands of mission critical high-paying jobs remain vacant. The OPSWAT Academy was developed to address the CIP cybersecurity skills shortage through courses that promote the best practices and practical approaches successfully implemented in the most secure critical infrastructure environments. For current OPSWAT customers, the Academy also includes advanced training courses for greater ease-of-use and efficiency when operating and maintaining all OPSWAT products and services. 

Topics Covered by the OPSWAT Academy Include: 

  • CIP cybersecurity technologies that protect files during data transfer, such as multi-scanning, content disarm and reconstruction, threat intelligence and more.
  • CIP cybersecurity technologies that protect devices during data transfer, such as data protection, endpoint malware detection, endpoint vulnerability assessment and more.
  • Understanding interoperability for access control in ICS environments.
  • The need for a zero-trust mentality.
  • Mastering MetaDefender, MetaAccess and the OPSWAT Secure Data Workflow products.

Learn more about the concepts covered in OPSWAT Academy in our ebook: "The Evolution of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Training" 

Path to the OPSWAT Certification with No Pre-requisites

Who is the OPSWAT CIP Certification Right For?

By prioritizing technical skill development over more traditional curriculum, the OPSWAT Academy is at the forefront of preparing the next generation of CIP cybersecurity professionals for jobs that are ready and waiting, today -- whether a daily practitioner, student or IT professionals interested in building their skill set.

  • Current & aspiring cybersecurity professionals (Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, Directors of Security, IT Director/Manager, Security Systems Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Manager, Security Auditor, Security Architect, Security Consultant, Network Architect).
  • Organizations using or planning to implement OPSWAT solutions.
  • Cybersecurity channel partners, including integrators (MSPs/MSSPs), resellers and distributors) Compliance, risk managers, corporate governors, etc.  

OPSWAT Academy Curriculum

The OPSWAT Academy consists of several subject matter courses designed for the leaner to build up their expertise using a phased approach. 

  • Cybersecurity technologies for file exchange protection.
  • Cybersecurity technologies for device protection.
  • Mastering the OPSWAT MetaDefender platform for file protection.
  • Mastering the OPSWAT MetaAccess platform for endpoint compliance.
  • Mastering the OPSWAT Secure Data Workflow products.

OPSWAT Academy Certifications

  • The OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Protection Associate (OCIPA) Certificate is awarded to someone who actively holds each of OPSWAT’s four discipline certifications:
    • OPSWAT Certified Cyber-security Associate (OCCA).
    • OPSWAT Certified MetaDefender Associate (OCMDA).
    • OPSWAT Certified MetaAccess Associate (OCMAA).
    • OPSWAT Certified Secure Data Workflow Associate (OCSDWA).
  • Find out more about each certification here.
  • Each discipline certification is awarded for one year upon passing the exams on that discipline’s courses in OPSWAT Academy. Get ready to renew your certifications before they expire!

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