MetaDefender Core AMI

Protect Web Applications Deployed on AWS

To keep up with today’s digital transformation, many enterprises have been progressively built out their business in the cloud. However, this speedy deployment can bring various threats and need a robust multi-layer security program to prevent the evolving attack surface and secure applications from malware.

Most cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) have a shared responsibility model for security, where the cloud computing customers are responsible to secure their content as well as their platforms, applications, systems, and networks to deploy on the cloud. This is the very same protection they must do for their on-premise systems. 

MetaDefender Core AMI is Available on the AWS Marketplace

As an Advanced APN Technology Partner, OPSWAT is proud to offer easy deployment of MetaDefender Core AMI for organizations that host their solutions on AWS. By deploying OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Core AMI on AWS, you can protect against threats in files processed or stored on your AWS solutions.

Why should you choose MetaDefender Core AMI?

Seamless Scalability

Each MetaDefender deployment once activated will make itself available for processing within minutes. Deploying OPSWAT Central Management alongside it will further reduce the deployment time as the licensed modules and engines will be cached and ready to deploy.


By setting a health check and deploying MetaDefender in different Availability Zones with a load balancer in front of them, you can ensure uninterrupted service. Read detailed information in the AWS Deployment Guide.

Features and Benefits

By deploying MetaDefender Core AMI on AWS, you will be able to leverage all threat prevention functionalities available in MetaDefender.

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)

Rebuild over 90 common file types, ensuring maximum usability with safe content. Hundreds of file reconstruction options are available.


Choose from over 30 leading anti-malware engines in flexible package options. Proactively detects 99%+ of malware threats by using signatures, heuristics and machine learning.

File-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Scan and analyze binaries and installers to detect known application vulnerabilities before they are executed on endpoint devices, including IoT devices.

Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP)

Content-check 30+ common file types for personally identifiable information (PII) and redact or add watermark to this sensitive data before they are transferred.

100+ File Conversion Options

Keep files usable and intact through true “reconstruction” of file types or flatten files to less complex formats.

Custom Workflows

Create your own workflow for multiscanning and Deep CDR and customize the order and process in which files are handled.

Archive Extraction

Multiscanning and Deep CDR for more than 30 types of compressed files. Archive handling options are configurable, and encrypted archives are supported.

File Type Verification

Verify over 4,500 file types to determine the actual file type based on the content of the file, not the unreliable extension to combat spoofed file attacks.

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