MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

Enhance email security across your enterprise with OPSWAT

Email Threat Vectors

More than 90% of the malware is initiated through email. Once the network is accessed, malware replicates and spreads across the network.
OPSWAT Email Gateway Security is a purpose-built product, to provide a new approach for email protection to Critical Infrastructure and Corporate networks.
Our email security solution offers advanced threat prevention and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks. Sanitize attachments before they are delivered to prevent zero-day attacks, as well as use best-of-breed anti-spam and anti-phishing engines to prevent BEC attacks.


OPSWAT protects critical infrastructure. We believe that every file, email and device poses a threat. Since advanced threats can bypass many malware-detection applications, you need advanced protection. 


Neutralize Malicious Emails & Attachments

Our Zero-day malware prevention technology ‘disarms’ every email body & attachment by removing all potentially malicious content, and delivers the reconstructed, usable files to the user’s mailbox.

Deep CDR is on average 30 times faster than sandbox analysis and prevents malware (including zero-day) that has been built to evade sandbox detection.

Dynamic Anti-phishing

Our comprehensive anti-phishing technology performs multiple steps to neutralize links. To uncover potential phishing attacks, IP and content reputation is checked, and links are neutralized. 

Disarm Password Protected Files (Deep CDR for attachments)

Recipient required to provide a decryption password so that Deep CDR and Multiscanning are applied. When attachments are scanned and sanitized, fully usable files are delivered to an optional isolated storage or the user’s mailbox.

Secure Retrieval of Attachments for Outbreak Prevention

All attachments delivered to an optional isolated MetaDefender Vault for continuous malware scanning and outbreak prevention, released upon supervisor approval.

Detection Rate Up to 99%

Advanced threat prevention technology scans emails with 20 anti-malware engines using signatures, heuristics and machine learning. OPSWAT multiscanning technology provides the highest detection rates and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks.

Comprehensive Inspection & Remediation

The entire email is processed: header, body, and attachments—even if encrypted – will be blocked or sent to quarantine, with real-time threat monitoring.

Protect PII

Use Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP) technology to prevent sensitive content from accidentally entering or leaving your organization via email, and comply with industry regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR and FINRA.

Anti-Spam protection

Prevent real-time spam outbreaks using one of the best anti-spam engines with the lowest false positive rate. Users can easily define the aggressivity and probability level to fit their business needs.


Chris Cain

VP of New Technologies, AppRiver

"We use OPSWAT’s MetaDefender as one of the tools in our arsenal that protects our email users against advanced malware threats. We’ve been using the product for many years now. OPSWAT’s multi-engine scanning technology is fast, easy to integrate, and has been highly effective in our pursuit of offering the best security available to our customers. OPSWAT has been a great company to work with and I highly recommend them."

“This is one of our favorite products, because it has real value for our customers, and delivers peace of mind for IT for an affordable price."


MetaDefender Email Gateway Security is a comprehensive email security solution with low TCO and smooth maintenance. It can be deployed in active-passive mode to provide redundancy for critical infrastructure protection.

Email Gateway Security Packages

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security offers 3 bundles. There is a pure CDR package for value-added zero-day prevention and there are 2 new bundles with 8 and 20 anti-malware engines for even higher security needs. The Premium bundle with 20 AV engines and all features included, now deliver complete protection to scale threat detection rate up to 99%.

Features CDR Standard Premium
Advanced threat prevention 
Not Available8 engines
ClamAV, AhnLab, Avira, ESET, Bitdefender, QuickHeal, Total Defense, Vir.IT eXplorer
20 engines
ClamAV, AhnLab, Avira, ESET, Bitdefender, QuickHeal, Total Defense, Vir.IT eXplorer, TACHYON, Cyren, K7, Ikarus, Kaspersky, Emsisoft, VirusBlokAda, Zillya, McAfee, NANO, Antiy, Sophos
Inbound and outbound emails
Central management
of multiple deployments
Deep CDR for attachments
Zero-Day malware prevention
URL Neutralization
Time-of-click disarm URLs
IP and content reputation
Customizable Email Disclaimers
Disarm password-protected attachments
Proactive DLP
Prevent sensitive data loss
Throughput Performance*500,000