Cross-Domain Solutions

Protection at Every Transfer Point

Transferring files into, across, and out of secure environments is problematic. Files entering via portable media and transient devices create opportunities for infection. Stored files may have zero-day attacks, temporarily unnoticed and dormant on servers. Allowing files to exit secure environments risks sensitive data leakage.  

  • How do you secure file transfer across the entire enterprise, especially with devices you don’t control?

OPSWAT’s Cross-Domain Solutions create a data and device transfer process that delivers trust across the entire perimeter. 

"Our MetaDefender Kiosks give us the added confidence in our ability to help keep our network malware-free."
Ed Koeller 

Security Analyst, Ameren 

How We Can Help

Digital Perimeter Control

Perimeters can be virtual, physical, or mobile. OPSWAT technologies securely control the transfer of files and devices in between security levels, systems, and physical transfer points.

Secure File Transfer

Files risk infection, while in transit. OPSWAT technologies enforce secure file transfer processes, continuously scan for malware, and add digital signatures to ensure file integrity.

Breach Prevention

Sensitive data can be stolen or transferred accidentally. OPSWAT safeguards sensitive data proactively at every transfer point.

98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities trust OPSWAT for cybersecurity and compliance.

What We Offer

Combat Malware Adaptations

Malware continues to bypass existing defenses because cybercriminals develop threats with evolving sophistication, and enterprises deploy insufficient protection. Many security professionals allow files to enter a network after only a single anti-virus scan. Superior solutions capitalize on combining as many anti-virus engines as possible. To detect the latest threats, OPSWAT uses 35+ anti-malware engines in multiple products:

Safeguard BYOD & Transient Devices

The global increase of remote employees, BYOD, and contractors has resulted in an exponential rise in unmanaged devices. Blindly connecting these devices to an internal or cloud network exposes enterprises to significant risks. OPSWAT blocks untrusted devices from accessing physical and virtual environments, until they are thoroughly inspected and remediated.

Establish and Enforce Secure Data Transfer Processes

Tools work most effectively when combined with informed decision-making. OPSWAT’s products instill both—simple, effective processes. Employees will know how to safely bring in, store, transfer, and extract data across the enterprise, while staying in compliance with security policies. In the event that unsanctioned portable media is purposefully or accidentally brought into the environment, safeguard processes will block the media from accessing devices and networks.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Regulatory compliance requirements are enforced to minimize breaches and privacy violations. Meeting compliance is time consuming and can be costly—if requirements are not met. OPSWAT technologies provide compliant processes, comprehensive visibility, detailed reporting capabilities, and help meet requirements for NERC CIP 003-7, NEI 08-09, NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

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