Email Gateway Security

94% of malware attacks arrive by email

The amount of malware is increasing at a significant pace (it was 900 Million new malware attacks in 2019) which creates increased threats for every organization. 94% of malware continues to be initiated through email which cost businesses over $1.7 billion in 2019, as reported by the FBI.

Since these advanced threats can bypass many malware-detection applications, OPSWAT follows a ZERO Trust Philosophy: Trust no file. Trust no device.

Address malware with 99% detection rates

Unsecured Email
Anti-spam & Anti-phishing
Zero-day attacks
Malicious content
Sensitive data loss
Secured Email
Anti-spam and Dynamic Anti-phishing technologies
  • Examines all spam with one of the most powerful anti-spam engines in the market.
  • Checks the content of the emails and neutralizes all malicious links.
  • Unsafe hyperlinks are replaced with plain text or redirected to deep analysis with reputation checks.

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Zero-day malware prevention to disarm every email body and attachment
  • By removing all potentially malicious content, only the reconstructed, fully usable files will be delivered.
  • Sanitize over 100 common file types, including all password-protected attachments.

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Advanced threat prevention with Multiscanning technology
  • Offers the best multiscanning technology in the market, with the highest malware detection rates
  • Analyzes each email with 20 anti-malware engines by using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technologies.

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Proactive data loss prevention technology
  • Helps to comply with industry regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, and FINRA.
  • Checks the content of the email headers, body, and attachments for sensitive information.
  • Prevents sensitive content from accidentally entering or leaving your organization.

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Metadefender Email Gateway Security addresses all cybersecurity email threats and provides malware detection rates up to 99%. Our email security solution offers advanced threat prevention and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks. Sanitize attachments before they are delivered to prevent zero-day attacks, as well as use best-of-breed anti-spam and anti-phishing engines to prevent BEC attacks.

Multi-level security delivers deep value

    Protect your business by ensuring email security

OPSWAT delivers four key benefits to combat against email borne threats:

1.  Protect users from spam and BEC attacks

2.  Use prevention-based technologies against zero-day targeted attacks

3.  Scan with the best anti-malware solution, examining emails with 20 anti-malware engines for the earliest protection against malware outbreaks

4.  Comply with industry regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR and FINRA by preventing sensitive content from entering or leaving your organization via email

A comprehensive email security solution with detection rates exceeding 99% and low TCO.

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security offers advanced threat prevention and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks, initiated through email. It examines every email (header and body) and attachment, and scans malicious content with over 20 anti-malware engines, resulting in a high-speed Multiscanning.

We use OPSWAT MetaDefender as one of the tools in our arsenal that protects our email users against advanced malware threats. We’ve been using the product for many years now. OPSWAT multi-engine scanning technology is fast, easy to integrate, and has been highly effective in our pursuit of offering the best security available to our customers. OPSWAT has been a great company to work with and I highly recommend them.

Chris Cain - VP of New Technologies, AppRiver

What We Offer

Combat Malware Adaptations

Malware continues to bypass existing defenses because cybercriminals develop threats with evolving sophistication, and enterprises deploy insufficient protection. Many security professionals allow files to enter a network after only a single anti-virus scan. Superior solutions capitalize on combining as many anti-virus engines as possible. To detect the latest threats, OPSWAT uses up to 20 anti-malware engines by using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning.

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Detect and Remediate Sensitive Data

Sensitive data can be stolen, uploaded by mistake, or accidentally sent externally. The result can be expensive compliance fines and significant reputational damage. OPSWAT can inspect files for sensitive data and block or redact it before it reaches the end user or exits the network.

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Clean Suspicious Files

Most files include data elements that are empty or innocuous. Increasingly, attackers have exploited these vacant areas to hide malware. The process of content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) takes a file, cleans it, and creates a new, usable file. CDR focuses on preventing an attack before it occurs, even if the attack is hidden or unknown. OPSWAT Deep CDR Technology is used to sanitize 100+ file types, resulting in clean, usable files.

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Technical Comparison

To help CISOs, IT administrators, and system administrators gain more insight into the effectiveness of email security solutions, we put together this comparison guide to highlight how 7 leading solutions address the major email threat vectors users are exposed to.

Find the best product to keep your organization's inboxes secure

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In this guide, you will learn:

1.  Which solutions have the most effective anti-malware scanning

2.  Which solutions are able to remove malicious content from attachments

3.  How to fill ‘gaps’ in email security solutions.

Learn how you can enhance your email security.