Secure Access

Trust Endpoint Access to Your Cloud and Local Networks

The proliferation of BYOD and cloud applications has accelerated the demand for unmanaged device oversight and compliance. Endpoints missing the latest operating system patches or updated anti-virus definitions expose your environment to malware and vulnerabilities.  

  • How can you confirm every device in your enterprise complies with security policies, before granting them access to your network and cloud applications? 

OPSWAT confirms that every device complies with your security policies, before accessing local networks and cloud applications.

"MetaAccess enables us to provide our many users with increased usability, and secure network and resources access, while maintaining a high level of security for the bank’s network."
IT Director 

Large Global Bank

How We Can Help

High BYOD Adoption

BYOD users frequently avoid access security software, because it is traditionally cumbersome and slows productivity. OPSWAT provides a lightweight client that conducts a quick, yet comprehensive assessment and is dissolvable from the device.

In-Depth Compliance & Control

The burden of overseeing both managed and unmanaged devices has fallen on security administrators. OPSWAT examines devices and conducts a risk and vulnerability evaluation, with the ability to detect and fingerprint over 5,000 third-party applications. A deep assessment is conducted to determine the status of anti-malware, vulnerabilities, encryption, and unwanted applications. Administrators can remotely invoke multiscanning, to detect active and passive malware.

Snapshot Visibility

When managing thousands of devices, the complexity can be overwhelming. OPSWAT illustrates the endpoint health of the entire environment and delivers control of every device accessing your network and cloud applications—on a single pane of glass. Administrators can conduct a detailed security review of any device and monitor which devices access which applications and when. A holistic dashboard illustrates risks, device activities, and current vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

Automatic & Self-Remediation

Device blocking and false positives result in end user frustration and loss of productivity. OPSWAT offers self-remediation options out-of-the box, minimizing costly help desk calls. To maximize productivity, some remediation options can simply be automated, such as updating the virus definitions on local anti-malware software, activating firewall software, and removing unwanted applications—even if password protected. 

More than 100 million endpoints are protected by OPSWAT technologies.

What We Offer

Safeguard Against Vulnerable Devices

Every additional connected device exposes your network and cloud applications to vulnerabilities. Stolen devices, lack of password protection, updated security software, and misuse of encryption all create exposure points. OPSWAT provides comprehensive device inspection, so that you can feel confident that only trusted devices access your environment.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Regulatory compliance requirements are enforced to minimize breaches and privacy violations. Meeting compliance is time consuming and can be costly—if requirements are not met. OPSWAT technologies provide comprehensive visibility, detailed reporting capabilities, and help meet requirements for PCI DSS, HIPPA, FINRA, HITECH, NIST, ISO, FTC, COBIT, Sarbanes-Oxley, CIS, and SANS. 

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